Available for both personal commissions and commercial projects

Thanks for considering to commission me. The form is beneath for you to fill out. Please be as detailed as possible in your message and in the attached documents so that I can get as close to your vision as possible.


B&W bust sketch


A quick and painterly sketch in black and white of a single character.

Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks, 1 revisions after the chosen sketch.

B&W rendered bust portrait


A rendered bust painting in black and white of a single character.

Turnaround time: 2-3 weeks, 2 revisions after the chosen sketch.


Rendered portrait

A hero’s unyielding glory


A rendered portrait in color of a single character with a basic background.

Turnaround time: 4-5 weeks, 3 revisions after the chosen sketch.



Half body painting

The start of a journey


A colored and rendered painting of the character till their waist. Includes a basic background.

Turnaround time: 4-6 weeks, 4 revisions after the chosen sketch.



Full body painting: €600+

The light shines ever so bright

A colored and rendered full body painting of a single character.  Can be dynamically posed and include special effects. Includes a simple background. For a detailed background along with this piece you are forwarded to take a look at the illustration option.

Turnaround time: 5-7 weeks, 4 revisions after the chosen sketch.


Illustration: €800+

Stories that were untold- until now

A very detailed rendered scene which can contain multiple characters. More time is spent on creating an artwork that puts the character(s) in their deserved spotlight. Please take note that when there are two characters or more in this commission type it automatically becomes an illustration.

Turnaround time: 5-7 weeks, 5 revisions after the chosen sketch.

Commission me!

Please select the option you want to inquire about

Commission info

  • After I’ve received your email through the commission form I will reach out to you in two workdays.  We’ll d iscuss the details of the project and handle the payment. 
  • I’ll do the research required for the prject and present you several draft sketches. You can choose one to continue with and then the next stage with the revisions begin.
  • Throughout every step you can voice your thoughts about the project and provide feedback so we can make something awesome together.
  • Halfway through the project if applicable I’ll request the senond half of the payment and we’ll continue on after all has been received.
  • When we’ve gone through the revisions  your painting is finished and I’lld s end you the final piece (:


  • Commissions are personal use only. We can discuss the commercial usage for the work. Another fee will be then applied.
  • Payment is done through Paypal

  • I will draw: Characters (yours/fan-art/any other kind) – Character concepts (sheets ) – Pin-up/slight nudity

  • I won’t draw: Gore – Explicit nudity/NSFW – Mecha – Furry – Environments without characters

  • If you ask me to draw a certain object I’m not comfortable with or not have experience with, I get the right to decline.

  • Costs for commercial work will vary

  • These prices are estimates – Extra details such as intricate armor, major changes during the process and backgrounds will increase the price 

  • Payments are done fully upfront and only if they are over 500 they can be done in half: 50% upfront and the other 50% halfway.
  • Any major changes in the process will increase the price at the end

  • The more references you give me, the closer the artwork will match your request. If you don’t have any/ not many references, I’ll find some myself. In that case a design fee can be applied.


Social media and content creation

  • I will upload the finished artwork to my portfolio and social media unless you explicitly tell me not to
  • I’ll ask upfront if I have your permission to create content for eg. my Patreon of the commission. In the case I decide to create the content you will receive it, too. The content can range from time-lapses, tutorials and step-by-step process images.
  • Only you are allowed to use the art to promote yourselves with proper credit given to me.



  • Commercial usage and reproduction of my artwork (making money off of it) is infringement of my copyright and this is not allowed unless we have made an agreement beforehand.
  • You may not edit the artwork or remove my signature.
  • Only you, the client, is allowed to print and/or upload the art and claim the right of their character(s), but not the drawing itself.



  • If I’m not able to finish the commission for any reason, I get the right to decline and you get the refund, depending on the state the commission is in.
  • If the commission gets canceled due to any reason, I retain the ownership of the original artwork, this includes approval sketches, and have the right to use these for my own purposes





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